What Happens If You Miss That Oil Change?

Every driver knows you need to have your engine oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. If this is news for you, here’s why taking your car for an oil change at a Euless TX auto service shop is a must:

It can catch on fire

This might seem dire and extreme, but oil lubricates your engine block. If there’s not enough of it to go around, though, that’s going to bog down the operational efficiency of your parts and systems. If these problems continue, they’re going to result in irreversible damage that could lead to your car blowing up, says CNN.

Grime and dirt affect engine performance

Wear and tear on your car caused by harsh driving conditions will mean dirt and other impurities getting into your engine oil. Failure to go for an oil change at a Euless TX auto service shop will mean the slow and steady buildup of these impurities in the engine oil. If these impurities get into other parts of your engine block, it could cause untold problems. The best way to avoid all that is to make sure you go for regular oil changes.

Buildup of sludge means inadequate oil

Too many impurities in the oil can compromise oil flow into the system. If flow efficiency is poor, that’s going to mean less to little to zero oil flowing to other parts of the engine block and possibly lead more engine problems and costly damage. Don’t want to have to deal with the effects of sludge buildup? Don’t put off your next oil change.

Metal rubbing and overheated engine

Failure to change your oil will mean poor lubrication, resulting in metal on metal rubbing. This doesn’t just create strange noises from under your hood, it can lead to friction that could contribute to a rise in your engine temp levels so you end up with an overheated engine.

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