What is a Living Will in Texas?

When you hear the term “will” you automatically think of the legal document that outlines what a person’s last wishes are after they pass away. A living will in Texas area is based around the same idea, but it is active while you are still living. A living will in Texas ensures that even if you become incapacitated that your wishes will be honored.

For Medical Emergencies

A living will typically address medical emergencies or the type of treatment you will receive if something should happen to you that makes it impossible for you to express your wishes:

    *     If you are unconscious after an accident

    *     If you come out of surgery and are in a life-threatening situation

    *     If you become terminally ill

It can address things like:

   *     Life support options

  *     Feeding tubes

  *     Length of time you wish heroic measures to continue to resuscitate

  *     Transfusions

  *     Other medical treatments

Who Needs a Living Will?

Anyone that is concerned with how they will be treated during an emergency medical situation should have a living will in place. Anyone that does not exactly see eye to eye on certain medical treatments with family members should have a living will in place. Any person that wants to be sure that their always in control of treatments should consider having this valuable legal document in their possession.

Should You Have One?

If you suffer from:

  *     Diabetes

  *     Seizures

  *     Have a serious potentially terminal illness

  *     Feel strongly about certain medical procedures

  *     Have certain religious convictions

  *     Want to rest assured that your wishes will be carried out

You should have a living will in place. It is a relatively easy document to prepare and it is legally binding. If you have a will it is easy to incorporate a living will into it! If you don’t yet have a will, getting one is a good place to start. 10minutewill.com can help!

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