What Is a Luxury Table Shower and How Do You Prepare for It?

by | Jul 3, 2018 | Health

When you think of a massage parlor, what comes to mind first? For many people, it is probably a Swedish massage. For others, it might be hot stone massage, while yet others may imagine physical therapy with shiatsu massage or deep tissue massage. All of these are accurate, but one treatment that is being seen more and more frequently is a luxury table shower in Laurel, MD. What is this experience and how do you prepare for it?

A Shower by Another Name

First, a luxury table shower is more properly known as a Sitz shower. It’s a relaxing, pampering experience, and it’s designed to help you get ready for your massage, although some parlors offer it afterward to rinse as away the lotion or oil if you want.

The shower itself is horizontal – you lie down on a plastic or padded table. The table is equipped with special drains to wick away water so that it doesn’t pool, and there are multiple showerheads. Usually, those showerheads are lined up sequentially down the table, and are designed to stimulate your body while they clean you, as well. In some situations, the shower can be used to stimulate skin and muscle tissue with varying pressure to enhance the therapeutic benefits of your spa experience.

How to Prepare for a Shower

When it comes to preparing for your luxury shower, you’ll need to do very little. When you arrive at the massage parlor, you’ll need to relax and breathe deeply. Then, you’ll need to disrobe and cover up with the covering provided for you by the massage therapist. Hot water will first be used, heating your skin and bringing the color up. Next, cold water will be interspersed with hot, helping to cleanse your pores.

After the luxury table shower, your skin will feel much more relaxed. It will be smoother and more supple, easily manipulated during the massage itself. Your massage therapist will still use oils and lotions during the massage process, though.

There you have it – a rundown of what to expect with a luxury table shower in Laurel, MD. It can be a vital addition to your spa experience, helping you achieve deeper levels of relaxation, and ensuring longer lasting results. To schedule your table shower and massage, call Laurel Spa at 703-825-9102.

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