What Is Soil Aeration and How Can It Benefit Your Lawn or Garden?

In order to grow healthy and vibrant plants, you will need the right amount of water and sunlight. But did you also know that you must make certain that the soil is well-nourished in order to grow the healthiest plants. One of the ways to achieve the most optimal soil for plant growth is through soil aeration.

What Is Soil Aeration?

Aeration involves piercing the soil with tiny holes. These holes permit nutrients, water and air to penetrate the soil and get to the roots of the plants. This results in more vibrant lawns and stronger vegetation.

Do You Need Soil Aeration?

Soil aeration is not for everyone, but you should consider hiring a soil aeration professional in the following instances:

  1. Your soil is heavily used throughout the year.
  2. The soil of your home is fresh and came with a new home.
  3. The feel of the soil is dry or spongy.
  4. A soil layering problem exists due to your lawn being founded by imported sod.

What Type of Soil Aerification Equipment Exists?

Two basic types of soil aeration tools are available: spike aerators and plug aerators. A plug aerator tool removes the core of vegetation and the soil beneath it. A spike aerator is used to simply poke holes into the soil. Knowing which type of soil aerification equipment to use is part of our professional responsibility.

What Are the Signs That Your Soil Needs Aerated?

A major sign that your soil needs the help of our professional team is the presence of soil compaction. Soil that is has a compaction issue will provide the adequate exchange of nutrients that the plants need to survive.