What Makes a Good Web Development Company?

Your website is the first platform through which your clients interact with you or your business. It is literally the first impression you make to potential clients. With this in mind, your website should be as appealing and user friendly as possible. This however will be determined by the company you choose to develop the website for you. Choice of a web developer is an important decision which can bring you more business by giving you a great online presence.

So what makes a good web development company?


Web development is not a talent job in which you can wake up one day and be perfect at it. This is one job which requires some professional training. However, training alone is not enough. Experience is what makes web developers good at their job because the more websites they develop the more challenges they encounter. Being able to deal with these challenges is what increases the depth of their knowledge and skills. Choose a company who has been around for a couple of years and avoid rookies who know very little about web development.


A web development company should be flexible in the technologies they use e.g. Rails, Ruby and others. All of these technologies have their own merits and demerits and so being flexible means you will stand a better chance to get whatever you want in a website. Flexibility should also mean they don’t have a catalogue of specific types of websites they can develop. Instead they should be able to tailor make websites as per the client’s demands.

Clients marketing Strategy

The web developer should have in mind the clients marketing strategy when developing their websites. It’s a fact that different types of websites have different types of marketing appeal. If the website does not conform to your marketing strategy then you as the client might even be better off without it. What makes a good web development company is the ability to create a website with the clients business in mind.

Customer Support

Once the website is up and running you will still need some support from the web developer because of technical issues which may arise. The company should conveniently offer you all the technical support you need. They should also give you some guidance on improving the website on your own and do follow ups to ensure you are satisfied.

Now that you know what makes a good web development company, you will still need some more assistance in setting up your business and making it successful. For this and more valuable information on value creation strategies for your business you should

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