What Makes Us The Best Exterminators In Lakewood, NJ

There are a lot of different extermination companies in Lakewood, NJ, and around the rest of the state. They understand that their customers have a choice in which exterminators in Lakewood, NJ to choose, and this is why they have developed the top service and guarantee offered in the city and the surrounding areas.

At Dynamic Pest Control LLC we have been providing pest control services. Many of their customers have been with us as long as we have been in business, and since their warranty is transferable with the sale of the home, we have extensive experience in working with various properties throughout the city.

Recognized and award-winning, their exterminators take great pride in completing a full inspection of your home and then customizing an extermination plan to effectively rid your home of all the insects and pests that may be present. They don’t try to just get in and get the job done; they want to be a company that stands above the competition in providing top customer service, and a level of pest control that gives you the confidence to refer them to your friends and family.

Qualifications and Important Questions

They are transparent about their services, their employee training and licensing, as well as their insurance coverage to protect your home while they are providing service. They use only licensed technicians fully trained in using the various chemicals in the correct, recommended, and safety-approved methods.

They also offer organic pest control products that are extremely safe and target just the specific insects or pests found at the home. Their staff is always willing and able to talk to you about the specific chemicals used, and the organic options, and to recommend a treatment plan.

Ultimately their customers will make the final decision on how and when to proceed with the treatment. Their commitment to your satisfaction and their company guarantee make their company a very different option to what other exterminators in Lakewood, NJ in the area provide for their customers.

Free Inspections

They provide all of their new customers with a free inspection of their homes. Unlike some companies, there is no obligation or risk with the inspection, and their technicians will complete a full inspection and report their findings.

In many instances, they don’t find any significant insect or pest problems, and they will happily report that to you as well. They believe in customer service and care, and that allows them to provide the best extermination service in the Lakewood, NJ area.