There are some instances when someone who is not well is required to travel. Whether it is to travel to a destination for treatment, or that they fall ill away from home, medical assistance companies can be a lifesaver. A medical assistance company provides trained nursing assistants to travel with you on the airline.

What to Expect From Medical Assistance Companies

The medical assistance company will provide a registered nurse to travel on the airplane with you. You will be comfortably seated in business or first-class, which provides room to change positions, recline, and rest as comfortably as possible.

During the flight, the nurse will monitor your condition, remind you to move around if you can, and assist you if you cannot. If you require oxygen, the nurse will help with that as well. Medical assistance companies provide care on both domestic and international flights.

As you can imagine, there is a great deal of paperwork and permissions required to fly when medically fragile. The medical assistance company will work to secure the appropriate paperwork and help you navigate the transportation process. Your health team will be kept in the loop during transportation, and any treatments that are recommended during your travel are administered by the nurse.

If you have a health condition that requires close monitoring but need to travel, get in touch with Flying Nurses International. They provide the healthcare services you need at an affordable cost. Once you arrive at your destination, the nurse will provide a full debriefing to the medical facility you are entering.