What Services are Offered by Home Health Care?

The average home healthcare agencies in Florida are dedicated to offering quality medical care in a person’s home. The services offered vary from one provider to another; however, the majority of Medicare-certified agencies offer the following services to patients.

Skilled Nursing

The most common type of services offered by home healthcare agencies in Florida is nursing services. These are provided by licensed practical nurses and registered nurses (LPNs and RNs respectively). These individuals can provide several tasks for patients, which include pain management, wound care, medication management and administration, assessment and observation, post-acute care, and disease management. Also, any skilled nurses will provide specific condition management, which includes diabetes and congestive heart failure.

Therapy Services

If nursing care isn’t enough, many home healthcare agencies in Florida also provide therapy services, including speech/language, occupational and physical therapy. A physical therapist will focus on strengthening the lower body to improve mobility and endurance and are often critical parts of a person’s post-surgery recovery. An occupational therapist usually focuses on strengthening a person’s upper body and helping them learn to handle activities of daily living, including dressing, eating and showering. A speech therapist will help a patient regain the ability to swallow after a stroke or other medical event.

Additional Services

There are several other services that are offered by home health care agencies. Some of these include diet education and plans. Some providers also offer services for the visually impaired, as well as home care assistance.

When you understand the services offered by a home healthcare agency, you can make an educated decision regarding whether or not you or your loved one needs this. In most cases, it is something that is recommended by a person’s doctor or surgeon to ensure their full recovery.

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