What Should You Do When You are Injured on the Job?

Injuries on the job are common in certain fields. It is the law for employers to carry worker’s compensation insurance for their employees. This provides medical payments and wage replacement until you are released by the doctor and able to go back to work. Unfortunately, filing for worker’s compensation is not always easy. Many qualified people are often denied, simply because the insurance company is working to protect their own bottom line. To protect your rights during a worker’s compensation claim, you may want to hire a Work Injury Lawyer In Wichita.

Once your claim has been filed with the insurance company, you can expect to begin hearing from them shortly after. They are going to want to have you record a statement on how your injury occurred. Often, they may ask you several questions and record your responses. This can sometimes be intimidating for people who have never been through the process before.

This is why it is important you contact a lawyer before you even begin receiving contact from the insurance company. The lawyer can guide you in how to proceed and can work with the insurance company on your behalf.

When a person is approved for worker’s compensation benefits, they begin receiving weekly benefit checks. These checks are normally less than their normal pay. The insurance company should be very clear with you from the beginning on how much benefits you will receive.

If you are denied your claim, your case does not have to be over. Your lawyer can file an appeal on your behalf. This can be appealed to the highest court level, if needed. Your Work Injury Lawyer In Wichita will work to protect your rights throughout your case with the end goal of getting you a fair compensation package.

If you have been injured on the job and are feeling like you are being given the runaround, Contact Business Name. Allow these lawyers to assist you in your case so you do not have to go through so much stress. Contact them today and schedule your consultation appointment so you can learn more.

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