What St. Paul, MN Workers Should Do After Being Injured on the Job

There are lots of things that may cause a person who has been injured on the job to just wait and see how things play out. However, it is essential for an injured worker to take immediate steps to get medical care and file a claim. If a worker waits too long, they may not qualify for workers compensation benefits.

As soon as an accident occurs, an employee must let their employer know. Many have the thinking that the injury was not a big deal and with just a couple of days of rest they will get better. It is much better to err on the side of caution and report the injury immediately. An experienced workers compensation attorney in St Paul, MN, will advise their client to report their injury immediately since each state has deadlines as to when a person can file a claim after an injury.

The same thing goes with getting medical care. When a person visits a doctor, they have a higher chance of making a full recovery after an injury. Additionally, they will have the needed documentation for filing a workers compensation claim. If a person does not feel like they are getting good care when visiting a doctor who has been chosen by the insurance company, they may want to speak with a workers compensation attorney in St Paul, MN. A lawyer will be able to provide information regarding rules and procedures for changing doctors.

It is important for individuals to understand the type of workers compensation benefits that are available. These typically include temporary and permanent disability benefits, medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation, and mileage.