What Steps are Performed When Sewer Cleaning Services in Skokie Occur?

Sewer cleaning services are done to remove build up, clogs and sediment from your sewage lines, helping to prevent clogs, ensure water flows as it should and extend the lifespan of your sewage lines. If you have never had sewer cleaning services in Skokie, you may be unsure what to expect from the service. Here are the three main steps that occur when this service is performed.

Running Water and Flushing Toilets-
The first thing that will occur during a sewer cleaning service is to run water through your sinks, showers and bathtubs and to flush the toilets. As a plumber does this, they will be looking to see how fast water drains. If there is a clog present, which is indicated by a slow clearing drain, they will attempt to free the clog with a snake or auger before they finish the rest of the task at hand.

Pressure Washing the Sewage Lines-
The next step that will occur during Sewer Cleaning Services in Skokie is to pressure wash the sewage lines. A small hose is inserted through your drains and into the sewage lines. From there, the hose is turned on and it sprays pressurized water at the line, removing buildup, grease and sediment. This process is repeated through all of your drains, to clean all of your sewage lines.

Vacuuming Away Excess Water and Debris-
The last step to sewer line cleaning is to remove any excess water and debris in the line. In order for that to happen, a small hose is once again feed through the drains and into the sewer line. When connected to a power source, the hose begins to suck away, or vacuum away, anything remaining in the pipes, including water and excess debris. Once again, this is done through every drain, to ensure every sewage line gets dry and clean.

There are many companies out there that offer sewer cleaning services, such as North Coast Sewer & Drainage. When you are looking for a plumber to perform this task for you, always look for a licensed plumber who has experience performing this task and get a free estimate, so you can compare prices.