What to Ask Companies with Moving Services in Raleigh

Moving for the first time, or moving again if you frequently relocate, always starts with getting to know the moving services in the area. When you need moving services in Raleigh and don’t know of a good company or don’t have any personal recommendations, you have to start with the basics.

The first place you should start is finding out which moving services in Raleigh offer the type of move you need. For example, some companies may only handle commercial moves while others only move within the state. Other relocation companies can provide any moving service required from commercial moves to international services for those moving abroad.

Searching Online

Without any personal referrals, your most efficient place to start is the internet. Any of the top moving services in Raleigh, including those associated with national and international moving companies, will have a website.

Browsing the website of the top results on any search engine is a good starting point. Take a look at the types of moves provided and the services offered. An informative website that provides information on the company and assistance for those moving is a great sign.

Creating a Shortlist

From your internet search, create a shortlist of three to five moving services in Raleigh you are interested in learning more about. At this time, it can be very helpful to check out the companies with online websites not affiliated with the mover’s website.

This is a good way to find out how others have experienced working with the different moving services in Raleigh. One or two unhappy customers is not a concern, but if there is a pattern of unhappy customers the name should come off your list.

Make a Call

The next step is to make a call to the remaining names on your shortlist of moving services in Raleigh. You will need to talk to a move coordinator or specialist, and he or she will ask a few basic questions and schedule an in-house estimate.

This is the most effective option and provides you with an accurate picture of what you can expect in total costs. Ask for a binding or binding not-to-exceed estimate for more accurate budgeting.

Remember, choose companies offering a free in-home estimate provided in writing. From here you can then choose the moving services in Raleigh which are right for your moving needs and then make your final informed decision.