What to Ask Your Potential Car Insurance Agent in Monroe County, MI

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Insurance

Choosing car insurance based on what company offers the lowest priced policy is only doing a small part of the research. This information tells people what they will have to spend and nothing more. It is not a guarantee of service or reliability. Here is what every driver needs to get for information from their Car Insurance Agent in Monroe County MI before they accept their offer.

What is covered?

A full coverage policy means the insurance covers damage done to the vehicle belonging to the policyholder as well as to property belonging to others. It should also cover medical expenses related to the accident for everyone involved. What the limits of that coverage are will depend on the policy. Questions to ask include whether or not it covers personal property stolen from the vehicle, if towing and roadside services are included and if they cover the cost of a rental vehicle after an accident.

How fast is the service?

Some companies send out an adjuster the day of the accident, allow their clients to file a claim online at any time and process all claims within a matter of days. Others are not as reliable. Ask the agent directly about their claim process and customer service availability as well as how long it takes to settle the average claim. In addition, read online reviews from other drivers to see if what the company advertises is the same as what most customers experience.

How helpful are the agents?

A Car Insurance Agent in Monroe County MI is not someone that just signs people up and collects payment. They need to be available to assist with life changes because the needs of the average driver are always changing. Joining the military, becoming married and suddenly having a teenaged driver in the home are just a few examples of common milestones that affect what type of policy people need and the amount they will pay.

Price is important to everyone because no one wants to pay more than necessary. Unfortunately, sometimes the policy with the lowest price is still not worth the money people pay. Drivers without reliable customer assistance, an efficient claims service and an adequate amount of coverage are not getting what they really need. Browse our website to find out how to get quality coverage and attentive customer service at an affordable price.

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