What to Consider When Hiring a Railing Replacement Service in Hawaii

When replacing your railings on a building in Hawaii, there are several important factors to consider besides which railing replacement service in Hawaii to utilize. Read on to learn what to keep in mind as you plan and prepare to replace your railings.


A key factor of the appearance, functionality and durability of the railings you install is the material from which they’re made. In Hawaii, this is particularly important due to periodic harsh weather conditions and exposure to the elements. Railcraft Aluminum Guardrail Systems have been widely utilized in Hawaii for over 10 years because aluminum is a lighter-weight and less-costly alternative to wrought iron, with twice the estimated lifetime of both steel post and steel cable railing systems. Aluminum railings also need maintenance only once per year compared with wrought iron and steel post systems, which require maintenance twice per year.

Structural Considerations

Certain factors of the structure of your building can significantly influence your railing replacement project. For one, if the bannister is load-bearing, such as if it is a piece of a bigger structure, the project could be more involved and take more time and resources. Such is the case, for example, if the railing supports a patio, porch or deck roof. The substance and integrity of the ground to support the railing is another key factor. Depending on how loose the ground is, additional support may be required, while installing posts directly into lava can also take extra work.

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