What to Do When You Are Denied Disability

It almost seems as if as if the system is working against you. You spent the greater part of your working life contributing to Social Security and now that you really need it, why aren’t you getting what you deserve?

When your Social Security disability case gets denied, what’s your next step? First off, never give up. You need to figure out why your claim got denied. The Social Security Administration has their reasons, but that doesn’t mean you will remain denied. Consider appointing a disability attorney to help you with your claim. You may have gotten rejected for a simple reason as not filling out the paperwork correctly. However, having a disability attorney on your side can help you navigate the legal labyrinths.

The first thing a disability lawyer will tell you is that you need to file an appeal. Appeals have a much higher chance of winning than applying again. You should only reapply for Social Security disability benefits if you’ve missed your appeal deadline. This is the most important step – one that is often overlooked. In fact, most disability cases that get denied never get appealed. Always appeal until you get the result you’re looking for.

One of the mistakes that is commonly made is reapplying before the appeal deadline. The Social Security Administration looks at this and often gets confused. You now have two applications for a single claim. Instead of tossing out one in looking at the other, they are in the habit of denying both. The Social Security ministration will not hold your hand during the application process to make sure you dot your I’s and cross your T’s. It is your responsibility to ensure you fill out your application correctly. The smallest mistake will cause your application to get denied.

It is far better to hire a disability attorney that it is to attempt to take on the Social Security Administration on your own. Disability lawyers know how to navigate the system to make sure you get what you deserve. They know all the tactics that that the attorneys on the other side use, which are often underhanded. The Social Security Administration has lawyers on their side whose job it is to make sure you get denied and stay denied. Going up against and the Social Security Administration is no different than going up against an insurance company. Get a lawyer on your side. You’ll be glad you did.