What to Do When Your Air Conditioning Stops Working

Your air conditioning and heating are critical to helping you manage the temperature inside your property. When either fails to work your first contact will be to your regular servicing engineer who visits you twice a year to keep your air-conditioning and heating system working.

Should You Call the Same Engineer?

Where the engineer has serviced your equipment regularly over a long period, the fault with your system must be something beyond their control.
When you have severed the AC lines or pipes with a weed whacker and try to tape it up to keep it working, you are going to need an efficient repair as quickly as possible, otherwise, your system may be overworked and fail.

Should you have been changing the AC filter and accidentally damaged part of the cooling element or the electrical circuit board, you may not be able to replace or repair the item without causing further damage.

Managing the Remote Control

For many individuals, when your air conditioning and heating works exactly as you would choose and someone tries to change the settings via the remote control, you may need to revert to the default settings.

Where you are unsure how to find the default setting, you should contact your regular servicing engineer, and they may be able to explain simply or need to visit you to reset the system.

Some DIY experts believe they can take their air-conditioning and heating system apart and put it back together again effectively.

Where you do not achieve the result you set out to accomplish, your local technician will be able to undo your repairs and set the system back to working effectively.

By leaving your air conditioning and heating system alone and just increasing or decreasing the temperature when required, your system is more likely to work correctly over the long term.

You may be able to change the filter regularly, but all other repairs to be carried out by a qualified technician.

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