What to Expect From a Garbage Removal Service in Long Island NY

Purchasing a home that has been empty for some time often presents some challenges. The interior of the home has some leftovers from previous tenants, and there is also some debris in the yard. Since everything needs to be cleaned out before the new owner can move it, working with a Garbage Removal Service in Long Island NY is the most practical solution.

Assessing the Scope of the Job

Before any type of removal will take place, a representative of the service will come out and see what needs to be done. The expert will consider the type of debris found in the home and the yard, then come up with a plan of action on how to manage the task properly. For example, if the debris in the home is basically lightweight items that will not involve any heavy lifting, this will mean that no special equipment is needed to remove everything from the interior. In like manner, if some of the pieces are bulky and heavy, there is a good chance that the job will require use of hand trucks and other equipment to collect all the items that must be removed.

Providing a Quote

After taking a good look at what needs to be done, the representative from the Garbage Removal Service in Long Island NY will provide a quote to the owner. The quote will include details about what tasks will be included in the project, a breakdown on the labor costs, and even costs associated with the use of certain types of equipment. The owner will need to approve the quote before any further action takes place.

Scheduling a Start Date

Once the owner does approve the quote, then the team at V. Garofalo Carting Inc. will work with the owner to set a start date for the removal. At that time, any type of upfront payment can be tendered, and arrangements made to retire the rest of the amount due after the work is completed. While the owner could spend time attempting to get rid of the debris as a project that stretches over several weekends, that also means delaying any plans to move into the home. With a team of experts on the job, everything will be finished quickly and the owner can spend more time planning for the move and less time on getting rid of the junk.

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