What to Expect From Dental Implants in Charleston SC

If you have lost several teeth and live in South Carolina, you should consider Dental Implants in Charleston SC. Dental implants are artificial teeth that fit into your jawbone and feel and act like real teeth. Here is what to expect when you have decided to have dental implants to replace lost or broken teeth:

Assessment Prior to Dental Implants in Charleston SC Implantation

If you are considering getting dental implants, your dentist must first do an assessment of your mouth and jawbone to see if you are a good candidate for the procedure. This will confirm things like if there is enough jawbone available to hold the metal screw that connects the dental implants, as well as any decay or gum disease that would prevent the process.

Dental Implants Take Several Months From Start to Finish

One disadvantage in Dental Implants in Charleston SC dentists do is that the entire process from start to finish will take several months. That is because there are several timed steps such as implanting the screw, waiting for it to heal, choosing an implant, etc. The first step after the assessment is to place the titanium screw into the patient’s jaw.

Placing the Dental Implant Screw

The patient will be either given local anesthesia or sedation, it all depends on the patient’s preference and what the dentist offers. Then, the gum area is cut and the jawbone is revealed, the hole for the screw is drilled, and the screw is put into the bone and the area is sewn back up and left to heal for several weeks.

Crown or Bridge Placed Over Screw

Next, when implanting Dental Implants in Charleston SC, dentists use a special attachment is put into place that will hold a crown or bridge. A temporary crown may be used until the actual one is created, and then the final crown or bridge is implanted over the attachment and glued into place.

Dental Implants in Charleston SC, dentists implant are a great way to replace missing teeth and are something you can consider instead of dentures. Click here for more info.