What To Expect From General Dentistry In Vancouver, WA

In Washington, general dentistry involves services that are offered to correct damage and keep the teeth and gums healthy. The services are included in most major dental plans and are covered according to the insurance percentages. A local dental professional offers general dentistry in Vancouver WA for all patients right now.

Setting Up an Annual Exam

The dental office will set up an annual examination for all patients. The checkups are covered by dental insurance completely. During the examination, the dental may acquire x-rays of the teeth for a full assessment. The dentist examines each tooth and identifies any issues that are present.

Why Cleanings are Critical

Cleanings are completed on a semi-annual basis by a dental hygienist. The procedures may include scaling and planing if the patient has existing periodontal disease. The cleanings are necessary for removing buildup that can lead to tooth damage and gum-related issues. Dental professionals may provide sedation dentistry for patients with anxiety prior to the cleaning.

General Dental Repairs

General dental repairs are performed when tooth damage is discovered. The dental professional may offer fillings for cavities as well as complex reconstruction efforts for severe damage. The repairs offered by the dentist depend on the type of damage sustained and which options could present the best results. The dental practice will provide information about deductibles, co-pays, and the total amount due if the procedures are performed.

Replacement Choices Made Simple

Replacement opportunities are available to patients that have missing teeth. The dentists provide replacement options including dentures, bridges, and dental implants. The dentist explains all choices for the patient according to their budget and their individualized needs. Any costs incurred by the patient related to their selections are disclosed by the dental practice.

In Washington, general dentistry involves several methods for protecting the teeth and gums. The services include procedures to correct existing damage and reduce further issues. General dentists also provide replacement options for the patient as well as referrals for complex surgical procedures. The options may also include corrective procedures associated with accident injuries that affect the teeth. Patients who need services covered under general dentistry in Vancouver WA are encouraged to contact Lewis Family Dentistry right now. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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