What To Expect From Physical Therapy

Millions of Americans are currently suffering from some level of chronic pain. Chronic pain often occurs in the lower back and neck. Sure, you could turn to over-the-counter drugs to reduce this pain, but these drugs are only masking the problem. Physical Therapy in Glendale might be the best way to effectively approach chronic pain. Here are a few things you should know about physical therapy.

Unlike prescription drugs, physical therapy involves using a hands-on approach to healing. Again, drugs will only mask the pain for a short amount of time. A physical therapist will closely examine your movements in order to identify the source of your pain. They’ll then work to focus on techniques to reduce and possibly eliminate your pain for good.

When it comes to an approach, physical therapists use a variety of techniques. Several stretching exercises are used in order to gradually loosen muscles in the targeted area. Certain massage techniques and strength exercises might also be used to relax and improve your muscles. All of these techniques are meant to help reduce your pain and improve your overall mobility.

A lot of patients are nervous the first time they visit a specialist for Physical Therapy in Glendale. Thankfully, most therapists understand the hesitation of their new patients and will work to accommodate them. During your initial consultation, you’ll sit with your therapist and discuss the pains you’re experiencing. He or she will then perform a brief examination to determine the limits of your mobility. This initial treatment may be somewhat painful, but this should be expected. The goal is to determine the kind of pain you’re dealing with and how it can be solved.

One visit to a physical therapist won’t be enough to eliminate your chronic pain. Several sessions will need to be scheduled in order to gradually deal with your problems. Depending on your level of pain you may need to schedule a handful of sessions or dozens. Each session will likely last for about an hour.

Visit Impact Physical Therapy to speak with an experienced physical therapist. He or she will give you an evaluation and will determine the best approach to your condition. Be prepared to schedule multiple sessions in order to reduce and eliminate your chronic pain.

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