What To Expect When Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners In Stanwood WA

Wall to wall carpet is a soft and luxurious feeling flooring product that gives a room added warmth and character, but over time it will become laden with stains and require professional cleaning to retain its beauty. While there are rentable machines that claim to clean carpeted surfaces, they pale in comparison to an experienced technician, as they use advanced chemicals and the latest technology to remove dirt and grime for good. The following is a quick look at what to expect after hiring Carpet Cleaners in Stanwood WA.

Room Preparation

The first step is to ready the room for cleaning by removing any furniture that may be in the way and prevent the entire carpeted surface from being cleaned. After the room is emptied, the technicians will then vacuum the carpet to remove any solid debris that is embedded deep within the fibers of the flooring. Failing to prepare the room adequately will lead to a less than satisfactory result.

Stain Treating

After the room has been prepared the technicians will then survey the carpet and identify any stains that require extra attention. The homeowner should point out any problem areas that they notice to ensure they are treated thoroughly. The team will then apply a pre-treatment to the stained areas and massage the cleaner into the carpet of the fibers to help improve the cleaning power of the chemicals.

Thorough Cleaning Process

The last step is to begin the cleaning process. Most professional Carpet Cleaners in Stanwood WA utilize a cleaning system that remains in their vehicle and will run various hoses and water lines into the interior of the home. Finally, they will disperse a mixture of hot water and professional grade cleaners into the carpet and extract it, removing any stains and allergens once and for all.

If the carpet in a home is no longer bright and clean, be sure to contact a carpet cleaning company. Frontline Cleaning Services and Supplies provides professional cleaning for both residential and commercial facilities. Contact them today to learn more about their innovative cleaning process, and take the first step in making any home smell and look like new.

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