What To Expect When Visiting Gastroenterology Doctors In Petal, MS

In Mississippi, gastrology applies to the diagnosis and treatment of the gastrointestinal tract. A plethora of conditions are possible in the organ system. A majority of the conditions develop due to improper diet and unhealthy lifestyles. Gastroenterology Doctors Petal MS complete tests and treatments to control existing conditions.

Physical Examination for Patient

The doctor starts by conducting a physical examination of the affected area. Patients explain where their pain or discomfort originated. All symptoms of the condition are discussed and recorded. The location of the condition determines what tests and procedures are needed to diagnose the patient’s problem.

Blood Testing and Labs

Blood and lab tests are conducted to determine if the patient has an existing infection, which is indicated by excessive white blood cell counts. Patients are tested for potential diseases, such as cancer. The findings of the labs define if the patient shows any signs of organ injury or existing conditions that threaten their health.

X-rays, Colonoscopy, and Endoscopy

X-rays are conducted to obtain an image of the gastrointestinal tract. However, if more complex conditions are suspected, the patient must undergo surgical procedures to find and evaluate the current stage of the condition. Colonoscopies are used to examine the colon and the small intestines for possible health risks. An endoscopy is used to review the esophagus and upper portion of the stomach. The results of the tests determine the type of issue present and what treatment is needed.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The clinicians present the diagnosis to the patient after all tests are completed. The condition is treated through a multitude of options. The options begin with lifestyle and diet changes. Next, the doctor treats the condition with prescription medications. More profound gastrointestinal diseases require surgical corrections.

In Mississippi, gastrointestinal disorders affect how the digestive system works and could lead to serious complications. Existing conditions could increase the odds of cancer, sepsis, and generate significant pain and discomfort. Surgeons and clinicians work together to create care plans for patients to improve their systems and reduce any health risks. Patients who believe they might have a gastrointestinal condition can contact Gastroenterology Doctors Petal MS through Hattiesburg G.I. Associates or Click Here for more details.