What to Expect with a Dental Implant in Wichita

When the dentist delivers the news that a tooth has to go, there is a decision to make. Would investing in a partial be the best move, or would opting for a Dental Implant in Wichita be the way to go? Before making a final decision, spend a little time considering what life would be like with that implant. Easy to Maintain Unlike a partial that has to be removed and cleaned from time to time, a Dental Implant in Wichita is in place for the long haul.

That is because the implant actually fits into the gum in much the same manner as a natural tooth. After being outfitted with the right cap, the implant will be very easy to keep clean using a regular dental hygiene regimen. Although there is the need to use caution when flossing, it is possible to treat the implant just like the remaining teeth. Stays in Place With an implant, there is never the need to invest in adhesives to help hold it in position.

The implant is often attached to the surrounding teeth as well as embedded in the gum. The result is that it is just as stable as the remaining natural teeth. For people who do not want to worry about something slipping out of place during a social event, the implant is the obvious solution. Long Lasting With partial dentures, there is usually the need to replace them every few years. This is because the shape of the gum will undergo more rapid changes without the presence of a tooth in the socket.

Since the implant occupies the space vacated by that tooth, the rate of change is kept to a minimum. The patient will not see much of a difference as the years pass, and the implant will function just like a natural tooth. For anyone with more questions about implants and how they work, contact the team at Omido Exquisite Cosmetic and General Dentistry. Doing so will make it possible to determine if implants are the most practical option, and how to get the process started as soon as possible. You can also visit their Facebook page.

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