What to Know About a Dental Implants Specialist in Reston

When people have a missing or broken tooth, they often turn to a dental implant specialist in Reston, such as Cascades Center for Dental Health. Implants are a reliable and permanent replacement for natural teeth, and they look natural and comfortable. They are medical-grade titanium posts that permanently anchor to the jaw, and a crown is placed onto the post.

Why Get Dental Implants

People see a dental implants specialist in Reston when they want a solution for damaged or missing teeth. They may have suffered from an infection after experiencing severe gum disease, or they may have endured trauma to the mouth. Missing teeth can affect the look of the smile, and it may prevent people from eating what they want to eat. In addition, it can make people feel insecure about how they look and cause bad breath in the case of an infection. Finally, an infection can lead to health problems if it is left unaddressed. The best option is to meet with a specialist to resolve any issues.

Implant Options

There are several options that people discuss with a dental implant specialist in Reston. One option is the whole implant system, which includes the titanium post and the replacement teeth that are visible. This type of restoration is natural looking, and it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between the implants and the natural teeth. Some people choose a system to replace all of their teeth. They have six or more implants with an arch that securely holds a full set of upper or lower teeth. People can also choose a single implant for a damaged tooth, or multiple implants and an implant-supported bridge.