What to Know About a Home Interior Design Expert in Washington, DC

There are many historic homes in the nation’s capital, and people often turn to a home interior design expert in Washington, DC, when they want to update. A firm such as Zoe Feldman Design is known for creative talent and skill in tackling meaningful restorations. They are familiar with the culture, history, and vibe in this active town.

All Projects Welcome

The best home interior design expert in Washington, DC, can handle all types of projects. Some people are looking to update one room, while others want to restore a home from the ground up. The best designers know how to strategize to enhance the integrity of the details of the home and add their creative touch through furniture and decor. They can look at the bones of the project and revitalize a home so that people can truly enjoy living there and entertaining. These designers also work for clients in other parts of the country, and they know how to take a unique approach to each one.

Supporting the Environment

Sometimes a home interior design expert in Washington, DC, combines their passion for design with responsibility to the environment. It is difficult for one person or one small business to make a difference, but every effort matters. The best interior designers adopt green practices into their work and their offices, and they contribute to organizations that protect the planet. They may participate in planting trees, or they can donate to organizations such as The Ocean Cleanup or the World Wildlife Fund. All of these steps help, and it sets a great example for others.