What to Know About Cloud Backup Storage in Johannesburg

When people want cloud backup storage in Johannesburg for their businesses, they turn to a trusted professional such as INQ Holdings Ltd. This type of company offers businesses the ability to accelerate their digital transformation journey. They provide solutions in cloud backup as well as cloud migration and cloud Infrastructure as a service.

Cloud Data Management

Cloud backup storage in Johannesburg is an integral part of cloud data management. The best companies offer on-demand enterprise data management, which includes backup, archives, and disaster recovery. They can back up files stored on servers, laptops, and desktops, as well as data stored in the public cloud and virtualisation. Companies can stream data on demand and these solutions offer border-less visibility of the data as well as complete data management. They include infrastructure backup for servers, which allows for recovery in case of a server failure. In addition, they can backup all computers and stream data on demand.

Benefits to Expect

There are benefits to cloud backup storage in Johannesburg. First of all, the best companies offer guaranteed upload and download speeds. In addition, they offer security through a solid online security system, and there is SLA (service level agreement) that focuses on latency, bandwidth, and uptime. This type of company also offers bandwidth prioritisation that works in conjunction with redundant international capacity. The traffic on the service is always prioritised during international fibre outages, including a prioritised escalation matrix. Finally, they automatically prioritise clients when there are outages, and the service and speeds remain unaffected.