What to Know Before Buying Affordable Car Insurance in Peoria

Nobody ever thinks it is going to happen to them. The simple fact is that an auto accident happens every 18 seconds in the United States. Even the most careful drivers can find themselves involved in one. In most states, it is essential that drivers have at least minimum car insurance coverage. Auto insurance is a contract between the car owner and the insurance company in which the insured agrees to pay a premium and, in the event of an accident, the insurance firm agrees to pay for all the damages incurred as outlined in the policy. One of the most important parts of buying affordable car insurance in Peoria is deciding what types of coverage to get. Here are three major types of auto insurance coverage.

Medical Coverage for Drivers

Medical coverages are designed to pay for medical care for the driver and passengers after an accident. There are two categories of medical coverages: medical payments coverage and personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. Medical payments coverage, also known as medical and funeral services payments, covers accident-related medical expenses for the driver and passengers. It can also offer coverage if the insured person is struck by a car as a cyclist or pedestrian. Personal injury protection coverage covers medical expenses for the insured driver and their passengers after an accident regardless of fault.

Coverages that Protect a Vehicle

There are many types of auto insurance coverages that protect a vehicle, such as comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, and rental car coverage. Comprehensive coverage provides protection for all those unpredictable elements that may occur on the road or in the driveway. Collision coverage helps to either replace or repair damaged vehicle components after an accident. Rental car coverage reimburses the cost of a rental vehicle if the insured’s vehicle is in the shop or unavailable after an accident.

Liability Coverages

Liability coverage breaks down into two categories: property damage and bodily injury coverage. Property damages insurance covers for repairs or replacement of damaged vehicles while bodily injury insurance pays for medical expenses and lost wages for the injured driver or passengers.

These are just some of the most important details to know before buying affordable car insurance in Peoria. For additional details about cheap auto insurance, contact Save-A-Lot Auto Insurance.