Many different industries, government agencies, departments and Original Equipment Manufacturers in the private and public sector produce equipment that is designed to be used in the field.

This includes medical equipment, military devices, and equipment, fire, police and EMT equipment as well as radio communication equipment and safety and defense components. All of this equipment needs to be safely transported, which is why the design and manufacturing of custom sewn bags is an essential aspect to consider.

To ensure the correct features and options are available in custom sewn bags, it will be important to have a clear picture of what is required. Some of the custom manufacturers can provide design and engineering services for the bags themselves, which is an ideal way to ensure the quality, functionality, and durability of the bags based on the operation and application.

Specific Needs

When a bag needs to be waterproof or designed to hold extra weight or perhaps requires specific additional components such as trays, molded compartments or additional hardware, talk to the manufacturer and be very clear about those specifications.

These issues will impact the type of fabric, vinyl or plastic used as well as the manufacturing techniques. The style and shape of the bag will also need to be carefully considered to provide storage space for everything that will need to be transported and stored.

Production Capacity

In addition to knowing the specifics for custom sewn bags, it will also be essential to know the production volume required. Not all companies are able to handle high volume production runs while some will not accept orders below a minimum number.

By verifying the company, you are considering has the technology and capability to produce the bags you require, you will save time and money. Often these companies can even find ways to reduce the cost of production, which is an additional reason to work with a company with extensive experience in producing custom bags.