What to Know if You are Considering Stone Masonry in Newton, MA

If you are thinking of doing a restoration to your home or other building, or you are doing some other type of renovations, you might be considering stone masonry. Buildings that are decorated and made of colorful stones will stand out, will have a classic look, and will last for ages. There is a lot of skill and finesse that must go into stone masonry, however. There is a contractor who provides stone masonry in Newton MA. There are many types of stone work to consider when working with stone masonry. Here is some information available for those who are considering using stone masons.

There are two basic types of stone masonry: rubble masonry and ashlar masonry. Rubble masonry is created when roughly dressed stones are laid in a mortar. Ashlar masonry, by contrast, is when stones that are well arranged and cut get placed in a mortar. Of the rubble masonry, you have the options of coursed rubble, un-coursed rubble, and random rubble. With ashlar masonry, the options are ashlar fine; ashlar chamfered, and ashlar was facing. Any contractor you hire should be thoroughly familiar will all of this.

Services for which stone masonry are often used include, but are not limited to, chimneys, patios, walkways, driveways, stucco work, block, repointing, and brownstones. Stone masonry is also desired when there is a need for waterproofing or to take care of any leaks. People use stone masonry for elegant homes, office buildings, medical centers, and designs in malls. Many times, you see stone masonry work at boardwalks or river walks.

Fitzgerald Restoration Inc has been providing stone masonry solutions for residential and commercial customers in the Newton, Massachusetts, Brookline, Massachusetts, Boston, Massachusetts, and the surrounding areas for over 16 years. Customers, such as an engineering manager from a local hospital, and a resident who had stairs replaced in the home, have raved about the work done by the company. Stone masonry is work that requires painstaking detail. You do not want to trust just anybody to do the work. If you are looking for a contractor who provides Stone Masonry in Newton MA.

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