What To Look For In Secure Record Storage In Dallas

As more and more companies in Dallas and the surrounding areas move to fully electronic records through cloud-based storage options, there is an increasing need for secure record storage for the old paper records. In addition, some companies need both paper and electronic copies, and the paper copies seem to just keep stacking up.

For some types of businesses, there may be the need for record storage for a specific number of years to satisfy legal requirements or professional guidelines. In these types of situations storing the records off-site is a good idea for both security as well as space requirements.

To choose the right record storage service in Dallas, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. By reviewing or research each of these issues, you will narrow down your options and find just the right company to take care of your current and future needs.

Stability and Reputation

When entrusting company records and customer information to a third-party service, it is critical to make sure they are a stable, dependable and reliable company. Consider how long the company has been in business and if they maintain their own facilities for record storage or if they are renting or leasing other property.


Ultimately any breach of customer information that occurs in record storage facilities will result in potential lawsuits and damage to your company reputation. By working with a top company offering 24/7 monitoring and security of their storage facilities as well as individually locked storage vaults, you protect yourself from these issues.

Also, consider features such as fire suppression systems, who has access to the facility and how security systems are monitored and upgraded based on changes in technology.

Moving Records

Most Dallas businesses will want to choose a company for their record storage that can also arrange for pick-up of records at the company and retrieval of records, if needed, from storage.

Check to make sure the company under consideration offers these services, how they hire their drivers and support staff for the transport and what security is available for the records while in transit back and forth between your business and the storage facility.

You should make a point of asking to see the record storage facility, and verify it is clean and well maintained. Look for the option to have racks for storage of boxes that will allow you to maximize the space in the vault and reduce storage fees even with large numbers of records.

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