What to Look for When Checking Out Kids’ Party Venues in Jacksonville, FL

If you’re planning a birthday party or another type of special get-together for kids, you’ll want to select the best venue for the occasion. When checking out all the options that are available, here are a few things to look for in party venues in Jacksonville, FL.


Many of the best local party venues have exciting games that children can play to stay entertained throughout the event. You might find a venue that features arcade and VR games. A laser tag arena and ninja warrior course can also be found at some local venues.


There are party venues that serve food, while others will require you to furnish your own. Some venues that offer food feature kid-friendly favorites like pizza, hamburgers and chicken strips. Another important detail that you’ll want to address is whether the venue will serve a cake or another dessert item to celebrate the occasion or if you’ll need to bring your own.

Tables and Chairs

It’s important to make sure that there will be enough tables and chairs at the venue for everyone who plans to attend. Most venues will supply them, but some may require you to bring your own. Folding chairs and tables can often be rented at a reasonable rate.

Plates and Silverware

Plates and silverware are other items that a venue may or may not supply. If you end up needing to bring your own, you can save money and extra cleanup time by getting disposable plates and silverware. You may also need to bring cups if the venue doesn’t offer them.

Choosing the right venue can make your event much more special for your child and guests. Bravoz Entertainment Center is known for being one of the top kids’ party venues in Jacksonville, FL, with a restaurant and attractions for all ages. You can learn more about this venue and its booking policy by visiting us.