What to look for when obtaining an auto insurance quote

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Insurance

There is no question that auto insurance is essential. In some states in the US having insurance is mandatory, while most financial services and leasing companies will also insist that the car owner is adequately covered. Theft, accidents, and collisions are a reality of life, particularly as the number of cars on the road increases annually. There are many different types of insurance, all of which cover different areas, so it’s important to become familiar with what is available, what it covers, and then to get an auto insurance quote for your chosen package.

Types of auto insurance available

The first thing that comes to mind when someone is involved in an accident is bodily injury. It’s also important to remember that there may be other people involved who may be injured – it could be passengers in your car, the other driver, the other driver’s passengers or even bystanders. Medical payments could be enormous, and this is why many auto insurance packages include medical insurance as well.

Replacement or damage insurance is valuable to consider. For example, if your car is written off and needs to be replaced, the value the insurance carrier usually ascribes to your vehicle is the depreciated value. Many times this doesn’t cover the cost of obtaining a new car, and there are sometimes still outstanding payments due on the vehicle that was stolen or involved in an accident.
One of the most common situations when there has been a collision is that the party at fault is either under-insured or has no cover at all. This means that your carrier has to pay for all your costs, even though the accident wasn’t caused by you.

Make certain you obtain an auto insurance quote

It’s clear then that you might need a range of different cover to ensure peace of mind. You would be wise to obtain an auto insurance quote on each different cover that you think is necessary, and be aware that there are things that could be mentioned to reduce the premiums. For example, if you have a spotless driving record, this would be in your favor. Also becoming increasingly popular is a request by an insurance carrier that you have a device fitted that gives the company a clear idea of your driving habits. If you are not one to speed, brake sharply or take off from traffic lights like a formula one driver, chances are that you will qualify for a hefty discount. The important thing is to shop around and ask for a clear quotation for all your auto insurance needs before you buy.


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