What You Must Know Before Renting a Forklift

When it comes to forklift rental in Los Angeles, there are a number of factors to understand to make the best-informed decision possible. We’ll discuss some of these below.

Why should you rent instead of buy?

For forklift rental, Los Angeles residents have a few advantages in renting rather than buying their own machinery. First of all, you can use the equipment for short and temporary jobs without incurring large costs. The ongoing maintenance and repair costs will be handled by the rental company. This means you can remain flexible and only pay for the time you actually use the forklift.

Different types of forklift

There are quite a few different designs and models available. Some of the most commonly used are:

 * Counterbalance. These are the most common models that most people are familiar with, normally used in warehouses. They have a heavy weight at the rear to balance the load at the front.
 * Three-wheeled counterbalance. Similar to the counterbalance models, there is a single rear wheel to allow for easier maneuvering.
 * Reach trucks. Designed for warehouses with high racking, these forklifts can extend their reach to pick up loads which are difficult to reach.
 * Sideloaders. Adapted for long and bulky loads that would be difficult for a normal forklift, these load to the side of the cab to allow for more flexibility.

Fuel Sources

For forklift rental in Los Angeles, or any other region, there are three main fuel sources available.

 * Electric forklifts are the most suitable for indoor and warehouse use. They are quiet and clean, with no emissions. They can be more expensive, and they require charging before use.
 * Diesel power is most often used for outdoor applications where emissions are not a concern. They are high-powered, easily refueled, and efficient. * However, they do produce more noise and require more maintenance than electric models.
 * LPG models are usually the cheapest. They are quieter than diesel models but do require more maintenance.

Safety Concerns

It is important that the forklift is inspected before use and that the user is fully licensed to operate the vehicle. Anybody considering forklift rental should understand that these are powerful machines which must be operated safely.

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