What You Should Know About Alzheimer’s Respite Care in Melbourne, FL

Alzheimer’s Respite Care in Melbourne, FL

Do you need help with Alzheimer’s respite care in Melbourne, FL? If you or a loved one is recovering from a hospital stay, respite care is ideal. When your caregiver takes an extended vacation, it is also a good fit. Patrons get to move into an apartment with a full bathroom. Plus, they get to enjoy an entire community worth of amenities.

Several times a day, a world-class chef will prepare meals for the residents. If someone needs special accommodation, the chefs can care for you without a problem. Then, trainers come from the Live Exhilarated programs and teach. These trainers focus on healing and strengthening the body and mind.

Patients with dementia get to work on their stories as part of the illuminate program. Each resident can incorporate their story into the service, enhancing bonds. There is a transportation system available for residents. If you need to make it to a local appointment, you can get on a scheduled shuttle.

During your stay, there is weekly housekeeping, linen, and laundry service. Furthermore, there is a licensed nurse on staff around the clock. They can handle any medical questions, concerns, or comments when you are at the facility.

If you are struggling with memory-related issues, there are additional services available. Participants can work with pets in a pet therapy session, or they can play music at music therapy. If they want to play with art, there is the artful expression journey. Moreover, culinary-minded individuals can express themselves in the kitchen.