Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or a holiday dinner for the family, you want your table to look elegant. The dishes you use play a significant role in that overall look and feel. If you’re going to give your table an added touch of sophistication, glass charger plates can be an excellent choice. The following will explain what they are and how you can use them.

What Are Glass Charger Plates?

Glass charger plates look similar to your dining plates, but they have a unique purpose. These plates are mainly decorative and go underneath the plates and other dishes you use for eating. They protect the table from messes from spills over the side of dishes and provide an elegant look for the dining table. They also retain heat, keeping food warmer for longer, perfect for meals where conversation slows down eating speed.

Features You Should Consider

Glass charger plates often have various features that make their use more convenient. If you’re looking for the perfect plates for your fine dining use, make sure you choose plates that are dishwasher safe. It’s much easier to clean up after a big meal with family and friends if you can just throw it all in the dishwasher. You also need to consider the shape of the plates. While round is the most common shape, you can also find square plates if required.

Other Uses for Charger Plates

Although using them underneath other dishes is the most common use, glass charger plates are multi-purpose. They’re the perfect option for passing around small appetizers or desserts. You can also use them to create an elegant centerpiece for the table, whether as a base for pillar candles or decorated with flowers.

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