What Your Orthopedic Surgeon in Panama City, FL Wants You to Know About Hip Pain

Hip pain can impair your ability to enjoy your favorite activities. It can signal degenerative joint disorders, so it is essential that the cause is identified so that an effective treatment plan can be implemented. Here are some things your orthopedic surgeon in Panama City, FL wants you to know about hip pain.

Hip Pain Isn’t Always Hip-Related

If you experience hip pain, it may not always signal an orthopedic problem. Hip pain can be the result of referred pain from other areas of your body. If your pain fails to resolve after taking pain medications, you may need a comprehensive physical examination.

Hip pain can be the result of sciatica, kidney infections, gallstones, liver problems, and renal calculi. Another thing your orthopedic surgeon in Panama City, FL wants you to know is that if he or she determines that your hip joint is damaged as a result of osteoarthritis or severe wear and tear, hip surgery may be necessary.

Hip Fractures Always Require Surgery

Hip pain may mean that your hip is fractured. Unlike many other types of fractures, hip fractures almost always require surgery. Aging adults are most at risk for hip fractures because as people age, their bones get thinner and weaker.

Visual problems, side effects from medications, mobility problems, and balance issues also increases the risk for hip fracture. After hip surgery to repair or replace the hip joint, physical therapy is also usually required. It helps enhance strength, mobility, and balance, while promoting healing.

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