What’s Best, A Root Canal Or An Extraction?

When it reaches a point where the choice is to have a tooth extracted or to have a root canal performed a number of issues must be considered. The patient is faced with financial considerations, the recommendation of the patient’s dentists in Chicago, the visibility factor, success rate and potential discomfort. Regardless of the treatment, there are other things which must be considered; in the case of a root canal the procedure is usually following by the placement of a crown and in the case of an extraction there may be a need for a dental implant.

Of all the considerations, it often boils down to affordability. Even though many patients have dental insurance it usually still costs more in the way of a deductible for a root canal than it is for an extraction. If the tooth is highly visible, a dental implant can add considerably to the total cost. Although many dentists offer financing, many want full payment at the time.

Should the patient be in a position to afford a root canal which is the more costly option it is beneficial to listen to the professional advice offered by the dentists in Chicago; most dentists try to save the existing tooth and a root canal followed by a crown does exactly that. If the tooth has been subjected to a root canal in the past and is now broken or otherwise damaged there may be no viable option other than an extraction.

Many people weigh both the financial consideration and the visibility issue. If the tooth is located in the front of the mouth and is visible when talking, smiling and laughing they may decide to go with a root canal regardless of the cost. If the tooth is extracted there will be clear evidence of it; there will be a visible gap between teeth. This may not be the case if the affected tooth is located towards the rear of the mouth, under these circumstances, knowing the gap will not be noticeable, an extraction may be warranted.

There is also the success rate of the two approaches that must be considered. In the past a root canal coupled with a crown had a slightly higher success rate than an extraction followed by an implant, the technology associated with dental implants has improved considerably over the years, implants today are equally as good as crowns, and in some cases even better.

If you opt to save a diseased or damaged tooth you might instruct your dentists in Chicago to perform a root canal. If you are faced with this situation and not sure the way to go you are invited to discuss the options with the dentists at the Art of Modern Dentistry.

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