When Can I Make A Water Damage Claim?

by | Mar 29, 2023 | Insurance

You will find with most insurance policies that protect against water damage is a standard feature and will help you in most scenarios when it is accidental and not a problem that could easily have been fixed. For instance, you’ll be covered against burst pipes due to freezing, or damage from an overflowing toilet. You should also be covered for a water damage claim as a result of other things such as vandalism.

What will making a water damage claim help with?

Your claim will be assessed and your insurance company will pay out to have any work carried out to fix any issues that have occurred as a direct result of the water damage. The biggest help is the relief of knowing that financial aid will always be there to assist you in desperate times.

Always read the contract

Just because most policies cover you against water damage “as a given”, it doesn’t mean it’s a certainty, so it’s always worth reading through your home insurance policy to check everything that’s included. The last thing you’d need in a moment of peril is to be caught out on a technicality and not be able to receive the help that you deserve.

Do I really need home insurance?

While home insurance isn’t mandatory by law in Queens, NY, or anywhere else in the US, it is a very sensible thing to have, you never know when your home may be struck by misfortune and unless you’re fortunate enough to have the wealth to fix any issues, you could be stuck with some hefty bills rather than a simple water damage claim. If you have a mortgage on your home it’s also likely that your mortgage company will demand that you have home insurance to maintain your loan.

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