When Do People Hire a Terrazzo Polishing Service?

If you have any Terrazzo surfaces in your home, there will come a time when you are going to have to hire a polishing service. The reason being that you want your Terrazzo surfaces to remain looking new for as long as possible and a polishing service can help you restore the natural beauty of the surfaces. Any time that your floor or countertops start to look a little bit dingy, you may want to have them polished. Over time and especially in high traffic areas, the Terrazzo flooring can start to catch debris and scuff in certain areas.

Clean Regularly

While these floors and countertops can and should be cleaned on a regular basis with mild soaps and water, as well as sweeping and mopping them – it is suggested to have them polished a couple times a year. This really does depend on what type of property you have and how much traffic goes across the surfaces. Terrazzo flooring does require a neutral type of cleaner that is mild so it doesn’t affect the integrity of the flooring. In commercial areas, the floors are typically cleaned on a more regular basis just because the traffic is so high throughout the day, in a residential setting, it is important to remember to pull any grit out of the porous portions of the flooring to maintain that beautiful look.

Professional flooring and cleaning services have the proper materials, tools and cleaners to clean and polish your floors. They generally use a bucket system that premeasures out the floor cleaning and polishing solution therefore making minimal work for them and less room for error. If you have more questions about how often or how to maintain your flooring, speak with the contractors that installed your floor, they will be able to point you in the right direction.

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