When Is The Right To Time To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Many people that suffer an injury through no fault of their own will often wonder if they should hire a lawyer or not. If you slipped on a wet spot on the floor of a supermarket and injured your back or perhaps you were injured in a vehicle accident, etc, if the injuries were significant and cost you money then hiring a personal injury lawyer in Michigan and suing for compensation makes a great deal of sense.

Was your injury serious?

There is no need to hire a lawyer if your injuries were minor; chances are good that you and the other party can settle it between yourselves. If however, your injury is such that you have to spend time in the hospital, required physical therapy, rehab, etc and you lost considerable time from work, you definitely need to consult with a seasoned personal injury lawyer in Michigan. If you have a possible claim that involves considerable expenses, past and future, the compensation you are eventually awarded can be increased if you are represented.

Have you been contacted by an insurance adjuster?

Insurance company claim adjusters are not people that are looking out for your best interests, their task is to mitigate losses for their employers. If an insurance company adjuster contacts you, do not provide them with a statement, any medical reports or any information at all. Tell them that they can get whatever they want from your lawyer.

Insurance companies try hard to get you to accept an offer of financial compensation, with the proviso that you release the company from any future actions. Don’t do it, your personal injury lawyer in Michigan knows how to deal with insurance companies and can get a far better settlement for you.

If you have sustained an injury which resulted in unwarranted medical expenses and lost income you should hire a personal injury lawyer in Michigan and seek compensation. For a free case consultation you are invited to contact Thurswell Law.

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