When Should You See an Emergency Dentist in Rockville MD?

by | Jun 20, 2016 | Dentist

Many people who have dental problems, especially when they happen after normal business hours, question whether they really need to go to an Emergency Dentist in Rockville MD or not. In the majority of cases, a situation that seems like a dental emergency most likely is. When it comes to dental issues, time is truly of the essence. Once a tooth is seriously damaged or dislodged, the clock starts ticking. There is only around 30 minutes to an hour in which live tissue can be saved in cases like a tooth being knocked free. Here are the two main dental emergencies to watch for.

Emergency #1: Missing Tooth in Adults

Adults who lose a tooth (naturally, baby teeth are exempt from this rule) need to take action quickly. Typically, this tooth loss comes from a trauma of some type. The tooth may be partly missing or completely knocked out, but it may be saved in many cases. Preserve the tooth by placing it in a glass of regular milk (the full-fat kind) to keep the tissue alive while on the way to the emergency dentist. It is usually okay to rinse the tooth off lightly if it fell in a dirty area, but make sure not to make contact with the roots. Arrive at the dentist as soon as possible to have a chance to restore the tooth.

Emergency #2: Serious Bleeding in the Mouth

Everyone may have times when they bleed just a bit, and most people consider it normal to have the occasional cut or scrape. However, a cut or scrape inside the mouth can be more serious, especially if it continues bleeding for more than a minute or two. The blood, if free flowing, may indicate a serious dental problem like a dislodged tooth or severed roots. Place gauze in the mouth to absorb some of the blood, and see the dentist immediately.

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