When Slipping Equipment Needs Transmission Repair in Indianapolis IN

Several different symptoms indicate a transmission problem that mechanics refer to as “slipping.” The equipment does not move into gear smoothly, and it may hesitate when putting into drive or reverse or when automatically shifting between gears. The driver may notice sluggishness when the transmission should be upshifting, and the engine may rev noticeably during downshifting. Prompt Transmission Repair in Indianapolis IN is important to prevent the problem from getting worse and a need for more costly service.

A slipping transmission often is caused by a low fluid level. The vehicle owner may not have noticed transmission fluid drips on the driveway or garage floor. Adding fluid resolves the immediate problem, and sometimes this action is all that’s ever needed. In other cases, a leak becomes a chronic issue. The driver should routinely check the automatic transmission fluid level to determine whether the problem is ongoing. If this is happening, the leak should be identified and fixed by a mechanic who provides Transmission Repair in Indianapolis IN. Sometimes, a component of the transmission is malfunctioning and causing the equipment to slip. Low fluid pressure can result if the pump is not working properly, for example. Worn valves also can cause low fluid pressure and slipping.

The vehicle owner may want to delay repair work as long as is feasible if the necessary service is extensive. If hesitation when putting the vehicle into drive or reverse is the only symptom, the owner may be willing to deal with this for now. However, if noticeable transmission symptoms occur while driving, this can be a safety issue. Sluggishness while trying to speed up makes it difficult to merge into traffic on the highway, for example. It’s also not good for the engine to routinely rev higher than normal because the transmission won’t downshift as quickly as it should.

Drivers with manual transmissions manage the shifting themselves, but people with automatic transmissions rely on the equipment to do the work for them. Having the symptoms diagnosed by a mechanic with a garage such as Pete’s Service Center is important. The owner then can decide how to proceed. Visit our website for more details on our facility.

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