When to Call for Hardwood Flooring Service in Windsor, CT

After you have hardwood installed in your home, you may think that your floor’s surface will never need maintenance again aside from general cleaning. While this is true in many cases, your floors will eventually need refinishing after long years of use and foot traffic. Knowing how to spot a serious problem early can help you reduce costs as you hire a hardwood flooring service and help you feel more peaceful throughout the entire project.


A few damaged areas in your flooring, such as warped boards, call for more than a simple refinish. A professional hardwood flooring service in Windsor, CT should allow you to determine the extent of the damage and decide whether you need to replace a few boards or the entire floor. Fortunately, the professionals who perform this service can provide you with the same or a higher quality hardwood flooring to replace the damage.

Common incidents involving water, such as a flood, cause damage and can happen in a few parts of the floor or the entire room. To know the true extent of the damage, you should pull up the visibly warped boards and look for signs that the damage has spread below the surface. Once you know the problem and the source, you can quickly correct the problem by contacting professionals such as Dustless Hardwood Floors LLC.


A professional may need to refinish the floor if a large percentage of the boards are covered in scratches. Having children, pets, and frequent foot traffic can cause scratches in the floor’s finish, which can detract from the hardwood’s beauty. Hardwood floors are extremely durable, but they are not impervious to damage altogether. Therefore, the best way to fix the problem is with a reliable hardwood flooring service.

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