When To Use Microfiber Paint Rollers

by | Apr 30, 2018 | roller

Property owners and contractors are always on the lookout for new products capable of making the job of applying paint a bit easier to manage. The good news is new products are readily available. Learning how to use them is important since mistakes here can be expensive. One newer product getting a lot of attention lately is microfiber paint rollers. This specific type of paint roller has the same material on it that other microfiber products, such as clothes and towels, have. But, it is important to consider how to use this type of paint roller for your application.

What You Need to Know

Microfiber paint rollers come in a variety of sizes, but they do have a distinguishing feature on them to help people know they are in fact this material. Generally, they will be white rollers. And, there will be a blue line running through them diagonally. If you see this, you know you have a microfiber product.

This type of roller is beneficial in a variety of applications. It is best to use it on medium to light textured surfaces to create even paint coverage. If you have a very smooth surface, on the other hand, this may not provide a smooth, clean look. For this application, choose a woven short nap roller. Microfiber can be versatile enough to use on most other surfaces though.

Microfiber paint rollers are growing in popularity for their ease of use and the overall ability to apply paint evenly. They can be a good investment for contractors who want a high-quality roller they can rely on for numerous uses and long-term durability. They can work in most applications and with most types of paint as well. This helps these rollers to be a good overall purchase.

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