When Will You Need A Business Litigation Attorney?

Periodically a dispute will arise within a business or between one of more businesses. In the majority of cases the dispute is settled amicably between the parties either through one-on-one negotiation or arbitration. When the parties fail to reach an agreement using these approaches, the next step is to engage the services of a business litigation attorney in Chicago and take the matter to court. There are a number of valid reasons why you should hire a business litigation attorney.

  • Financial: Rightly so, businesses are concerned about their finances and their investments. In the event a business owner has reason to believe that his or her investment broker has not acted in good faith and as a result has suffered a financial loss, a business litigation attorney should be hired.

  • Intellectual property: A companies patents, trademarks and copyrighted material is an important asset. In the event another business or individual should infringe, solving these disputes will call for the unique skills of a business litigation attorney.

  • Breach of fiduciary duty: In the event a person who is obliged to act in the best interest of the company fails to perform the duties entrusted to him or her, this is a breach of fiduciary duty. At this stage a business litigation attorney in Chicago is a must.

  • Contract disputes: Contracts are a must in business whether they are between partners, suppliers or other companies. A business litigation attorney is best suited to deal with contract disputes.

  • Insurance issues: Insurance companies may undervalue or simply deny a valid claim by the policyholder. Should this happen, the policyholder has the right to recover the amount due. In the event the insurance company to pay the coverage amount in full or partially, litigation may be brought against the insurer.

If the dispute cannot be solved through negotiation or arbitration you must hire a business litigation attorney in Chicago in an effort to achieve a favorable ruling.

There are many legal issues and hurdles when running a successful business. When disagreements arise that cannot be settled any other way you are well advised to hire a business litigation attorney in Chicago. You are invited to discuss your claim with the Zimmerman Law Offices. Visit them online at www.attorneyzim.com/practice-areas/business-litigation/

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