When you are Looking for Student Housing Close to Texas A&M

You are a junior in college and are transferring to Texas A&M for your last two years of university. You feel like you are too old to live in a student dorm and yet you don’t want to rent an unfurnished apartment.

You are looking to rent one of the furnished apartments near Texas A&M. You really are not interested in anything too big so a studio or one bedroom apartment would work best for you. At this time you don’t have a car available to you so you want the furnished apartments near Texas A&M that you choose to have a shuttle to get you back and forth to classes. It would be very helpful if the complex also had a shuttle to take you to grocery shop as well because you are planning on making most of your own meals and not eat much in the student cafeteria.

It would also be great if the deposit could be waived to save you some money. You are interested in getting as many extra perks as you can. You are hoping for a resort style pool, a study area to use when you just want to get out of your room and not go back to the campus.

You have been deemed eligible for financial aid and are looking for an off campus furnished apartments neat Texas A&M that will let you use the financial aid to cover part of your tuition. Your goal is to get as much as possible with spending the least amount of money because you don’t want to incur much more debt than you already have from your first two years in college.

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