When You Need Northern Virginia Foundation Repair

You are a property owner who has learned that they need Northern Virginia foundation repair, and yet you may not have the slightest inkling as to the ways that foundation repair is done. This is a common issue because few property owners ever imagine hearing that they need to somehow repair such a vital and enormous component of the structure. A new roof? Sure, that’s to be expected. Some doors and windows must be replaced? Again, not so surprising; but, a Northern Virginia foundation repair? That’s substantial.

The good news is that there are many solutions to the most common issues that lead to the need for a Northern Virginia foundation repair, and there are reliable providers of these services. However, and as is the case with so much in life, not all are alike. You will want to work with a firm that has the ability to handle all of the issues that foundations can develop as well as a history in offering those repairs.

As an example, the solutions that can be used for foundation repair can include:

  • Expanding polymer injection
  • Pressed pilings
  • Concrete lifting
  • Soil stabilization
  • Void filling

Which is the one for you? It all depends on what has caused the problem with the foundation in the first place. For example, polymer injection is a rapid solution to issues caused by soil settlement. When the surface beneath the foundation sinks or suddenly becomes unstable, it could cause the foundation to sink and the structure to suddenly become unsafe or even collapse. To avert this disaster, an expert in foundation repair in Northern Virginia can use specialized equipment and materials to inject expanding materials that can once again stabilize the soil at more than a single depth. In fact, it flows, fills and expands throughout the area of destabilization, and can do so without causing a tremendous amount of disruption to the surface.

This is but one good answer for those in need of Northern Virginia foundation repair. The key is to find a firm that has the skills, expertise and gear needed for any possible cause for problems with a foundation. Whether it is soil related, due to problems with concrete or a combination of them, there are answers and you may not be facing an enormous amount of disruption to address even the most complex problems, as long as you work with experts in foundation repair. Contact Apex Waterproofing Inc. & schedule an appointment.

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