Where Can I Buy a Good Dump Truck in Texas?

Do you need to add a dependable dump vehicle to your fleet? Maybe you are just starting a landscape or construction business, and you need a commercial truck for hauling. Finding a good dump truck in Texas may not be as hard as you think. Here are some of your options with some helpful buying tips.

Private Sales

Occasionally, you may find an individual selling a dump truck in Texas. You can sometimes get the best deal this way. However, it is likely you have no guarantee the truck is in good condition. If you opt for private sales, involve your mechanic in the deal, even if you have to pay for the services. It is a small price to pay to get a good vehicle.


Sometimes you can find a company wanting to sell a good dump vehicle. Yet, how can you tell the truck has not been worked too hard? Before you buy, ask why they want to sell the truck. This can tell you a lot about the vehicle.


You can sometimes find a nice dump truck at a Texas auction. Sometimes the prices are low while other times you may pay more than the truck is worth. However, it is possible to buy an entire fleet of trucks this way.


The preferred way for most people to buy commercial vehicles in Texas is through a truck dealer. A commercial truck dealership inspects and repairs all used trucks before selling. You can depend on your dealer for the best parts and vehicle service in the industry. Dealers can show the latest features in new trucks and some good deals on used trucks. They also have truck lease programs available. Talk to your truck dealer today about the many options you have.

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