Where Should You Go for the Best Deal on an Excavator Rental in Newnan, GA?

Are you trying to find the best deal on an excavator rental, or do you know where to go already? Whether you’re breaking ground for the first time or the project is ongoing, an excavator rental in Newnan GA can help. But, you may not need to buy one for long-term use, and that’s when a rental would make the most sense.

Excavator Rental in Newnan, GA

Choose from a selection of Bobcat equipment and save money on a purchase. You can rent equipment by the hour, day, or week when working with this company.

Mini Yanmar VIO17

The VIO17 has enough power to get the job done without wasting space on smaller projects. Its operating weight is 3,863 lbs, and it runs on diesel. You won’t have a problem when getting it into the area since it’s only 3’1″ wide and 7’7″ tall.

Mini Yanmar VIO25

If you need to work on something a little bigger, then you should check out the VIO25 excavator. It weighs almost double what the VIO17 does, weighing in at 6,946 lbs.

Mini Track Loader Bobcat MT85

Once you’ve dug up some dirt, the MT85 can haul it to a distant location. It can carry up to 2,458 lbs without being at risk of tipping over too.