Where to Meet Women in Boston

Meeting singles in Boston can be a nerve wracking exercise. Getting to know where to look for them is key. While the traditional parks and restaurants may be a good start, there are more dependable options to find that special someone you’ve been looking for. Here’s where to meet singles in Boston:

Fenway Park

If there’s one thing that brings out the passion in the Bostonians, it’s rooting for the home team the Red Sox. At Fenway Park, you’re likely to meet groups of people cheering for their home team, or against it. This is actually one of the best places to meet someone. Cordially say hi and get to know each other’s names. Buy a round of beer for the ladies/men and share a good laugh while cheering for the team.

Go on a Nature Walk

The Public Garden is one of the grandest public parks in all of Boston. Located in the very heart of the big city, it’s a welcome deviation from the patterns of towering concrete and is a great place to meet single people. Take a walk in the park or even better, take your friend’s pooch for a walk. You’ll definitely meet singles and the wagging pooch is always a great conversation starter. At the very least you’ll enjoy the fresh air and lake breeze.

Listen to Music

The House of Blues at 36 Lansdowne Street, is a great place to meet and dance with outgoing people. The center is always featuring different bands and groups that appeal to every audience. Finding a single lady/man to enjoy and listen to the music with is easy and fun. Simply choose the show you want to listen to wisely as it’ll determine the kind of crowd you’ll be enjoying the show with. Chat up the person and share a dance with them.

Hit the Learning Shelves

The Boston Public Library is a unique place to have a quiet and mentally stimulating conversation with a person. A mutual appreciation of the intellectual appeal of life is a phenomenal bonding factor and an awesome way to learn new things. Sign up for a class at a Boston university and take the plunge deeper into higher learning. You’ll be surprised just how easy it is to strike up a conversation with the pretty/handsome classmate in your class.

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